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Eva Joan Ritchie
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Birth Central, now the Australian Doula College
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My interest in pregnancy and birth started when I was studying herbal medicine and body work therapies back in 1999. After graduating I wanted to focus my practice on women and children and a few years later I heard about a Doula training and enrolled in the course straight away.

I was thrilled at the thought of being able to help and support couples birth their babies the way they had chosen.

I fell pregnant half way through the course and gave birth to my daughter at home, supported by my husband, our dear midwife, our darling doula and my best friend. It was one of the strongest moment of my life as I realised how blessed I was to have had the chance to birth my baby in the conditions that felt right for me.

Each woman needs to be informed and supported in her choices in order to have an empowering and positive experience of birth even if the outcome isn't exactly what she had planned for. No one can know for sure how a birth will unfold for not two births are the same and every woman is different.

Life is a miracle that needs to be celebrated every step of the way!
'Eva was recommended to us by a friend of ours who she had been assisting at the birth of their son and we truly believe that Eva was sent to us in a very special way! We found it easy to have a comfortable and intimate rapport with Eva very quickly and we had a lot in common. I found her a very good listener and active participant in aiding me in which ever way she could in regard to a birth plan and pre and post natal advice.

Our son came two weeks early and Eva was there for the whole 16 hour marathon. Her assistance was invaluable and she was a wonderful companion to have for this experience. We really wanted a natural birth and achieved that as much as we could under the circumstances. Eva was able to offer my partner and I support and wisdom in all the decisions we needed to make during my labour. To be honest I don't know how any woman could achieve a drug free natural birth without more than one person being involved and we feel truly blessed that Eva was there to share our most wonderful experience, which resulted in our beautiful son Zane. I have already told my Mothers Group that if anyone needs a doula in the future that Eva is a wonderful choice', Kirstie Monson & Glenn Walmsley, Dec 07.

Eva is a great doula, experienced and skilled. Her personal insights into pregnancy and maternity have been very helpful. Personally I like someone with specific opinion and information on birth, specially because I chose to have a home birth and with this I couldn't find a better doula.

We also had a lotus birth and it's hard to forget the joy and passion with which she handled the placenta! ? - a very intimate part of my body. Very down to Earth - that's what you need at your birth!

Maria Krasna, Sep 07.

"EvaJoan was a beautiful support person who assisted me as I home-birthed my son; her energy was gentle and strong at the same time. I felt really comfortable as I kept my focus, barely aware of her powerful feminine presence, which I think is the magical gift of a terrific doula." Cassandra - Sutherland, June 06.
Services Offered
After an initial non-binding meeting, I offer 2 to 3 pre-natal visits of about one and a half hour each to get to know each other and discuss your options and choices for the birth.

I am on call for 2 weeks either side of your due date and will be with you as soon as you decide you need me by your side and throughout the whole labour, until you have settled with your new baby and are ready to enjoy ourselves undisturbed...

I will come and visit you another couple of times after that and discuss anything you feel you need to share or get some advice on.

I am always happy to be in contact via phone or email at any given time.
Other Skills
Other services include:

- pregnancy massage

- aromatherapy, pre and post-natal

- herbal medicine consultations & support during pregnancy and after the birth

- nutritional advice

- tailor made yoga sessions to help built strength, flexibility and keep your body in optimal shape

NB: these services are not included in my fee as a Birth Doula.