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Jerusha Sutton
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Jerusha Sutton
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Jerusha Sutton Doula • Photography
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0414 790 796
Eastern Suburbs, Sydney
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
Childbirth International
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Doula, postnatal doula, birth and family photographer.

I believe that every woman has the right to support during their birthing process, whatever their choices are. I became drawn to being a doula through an innate fascination and respect for pregnancy and birthing as a whole. I heard wonderful, empowered birthing stories which inspired me, but maybe even more stories of women who felt like they were spat out of a system with a baby in their arms, wondering what had happened. I wanted to hear more of the former.... more women proudly telling their birth stories from a position of empowerment.

I work on a very client led basis- it's your birth, you tell me what you need. The options are all there....
"Jerusha was there for us both. She held my hand when my husband was unable to bear it. She sat for hours beside the bath with me, reassuring us both that all was going fine. She stood, drenched, in the shower with me. I leant on her through contractions. She walked me to the toilet and waited patiently, over and again. When I felt that I couldn't cope any longer, she was there to comfort me and remind me that I was doing ok.

Without Jerusha's constant, gentle assistance, her reassurance and her unfailing compassion, I cannot be sure how I would have coped. She was exactly what I needed
Services Offered
What sort of birth do you hope for?

The beauty of employing a doula is that she can adapt to provide the type of support you crave..

-a sounding board to air hopes, fears, niggles, those 'silly' questions

-informational support to help you make your own informed decisions

-physical support- everything from a foot rub to supporting you squat as you birth your baby...!

-partner support, whether they want to be your primary support person (wonderful!) or plan to sit outside and wait for the news (fine!), a doula can give them a calming nod of reassurance to let them know that you're both doing great.

Postnatally, i also work in a very flexible fashion. I can provide breastfeeding support, babycare assistance, settling suggestions and general help around your home. I love cooking and am happy to do a load of washing, run errands...whatever it takes to allow you time to rest and gaze at your delicious new bundle.

*Maternity, birth, newborn and family photography*
Other Skills
I offer birth photography, both to my doula clients and independently. Not sure about having your birth photographed? Have a look at the gallery on my website to see how precious these captured memories can be.

I also have a range of birth/parenting reference books/material at your disposal.