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Jacquie Harsh
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0405 600155
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Australian Doula College
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HOLISTIC FAMILY SUPPORT INFORMING... SUPPORTING... EMPOWERING Enhancing Experiences... Enriching Lives Promoting Natural Birth and Gentle Parenting website: www.holisticfamilysupport.com.au My belief is that each birth should be respected as a unique journey, and a beautiful miracle. I feel very honoured to be able to share my passion and knowledge in this joyful awe inspiring event. I am a Mother to 3 beautiful boys (all naturally birthed) and am expecting our 4th baby. I am a Certified Childbirth / Early Parenting Educator (CBI), Certified (Homebirth & Hospital) Birth & Postnatal Doula (ADC) , Previous Calmbirth practitioner (Peter Jackson) & Certified Breastfeeding educator & counsellor (Australian Breastfeeding Association) I live in the Blue Mountains with my Husband and my children whom I birthed naturally & joyfully at home. I have a strong passion for pregnancy, birth & parenting and helping others to enjoy and embrace all that these amazing events have to offer! I believe that the invaluable love and support that I received throughout my pregnancy and birth journeys is what helped me experience such an enjoyable and empowering experience. Through providing support as a Doula and Childbirth Educator, my mission is to help women also achieve this! My aim is to support women through their own unique birth choices & experiences. I believe being educated through research, as well as independent childbirth classes, is very important in making informed birth choices and also in reaching a desired & positive birth outcome! My birth support services aim to Inform, Prepare and Empower you & your partner to experience your birth as an event you wish to remember and cherish, not one that you would like to forget. My services go far beyond just birth support, i believe a journey as a whole makes the experience, so i am there on call via phone & e-mail during pregnancy, labour & birth as well as after the birth of your baby for as long as you need support.
Services Offered
As your Doula I will provide continuous Calm,Nurturing reassurance and support to the birthing women and her family before, during and after the birth of her child/children. My services include at least 2-3 visits before birth to get to know you and your birth wishes. Together we will come up with a Birth Plan. I will be available on call for you 24 hours a day for 2 weeks either side of your EDD, as well as for any questions or concerns that you may have. I will be in attendance for the duration of your labour and birth from when you feel that i am needed. Following the birth of your baby I will visit you for 1-2 postpartum visits to debrief and assist you during the transition period. As a Doula I do not try to influence your decisions, but support you in your individual birth choices. Having a Doula helps for you to stay in control and achieve a positive birth outcome. Doulas help to reduce the risk of unnecessary interventions during birth and make the transition into parenthood flow much easier. I am available to answer any questions during your pregnancy, labour & parenting journey and if i don't know the answer i am more than happy to research it for you. I strongly believe that Birth should be a positive life changing event, To help you achieve this my role as a Doula is one of non-judgmental emotional and physical support. I am not there to replace your Partner,Friend or Midwife, I am there to work alongside them, & help them to best support you and your needs. If you would like i am able to provide you with evidence based information and techniques to assist you with your decision making. Most importantly in my services I will Support, Encourage & Protect you throughout your birth journey allowing you the space to embrace birth with power and without fear.
Other Skills
*Certified Childbirth/Early Parenting Educator (group & individual sessions) *Certified Australian Doula College Birth & Postpartum Doula *Calmbirth training *Breastfeeding support ( Certified Australian Breastfeeding Association Counsellor & Educator) *Large Library of Books & DVDs for clients to borrow *Birth debriefing sessions *Partner Preparation for Birth Support *Birth Plan Preparation *Birth Photography *Belly cast assistance *Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy, Birth & Recovery *Assistance with sibling preparation & care for other children before or after birth if required (Completing Diploma in Childrens Services) *Many contacts available for other related services such as Breastfeeding assistance, Aromatherapy, Massage, Naturopathy / Herbs, Acupuncture, Young Parents Support, Counseling as well as VBAC education and support. WEBSITE: www.holisticfamilysupport.com.au