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HI! I am a mother of 2 little boys, Thomas 5 and Rowan 4, and 1 little 1 year old girl Tessa. I birthed Thomas at hospital and Rowan and Tessa were both born into water at home. An empowering and life changing experience. I am a trained PDHPE teacher with a bachelor degree in human movement and health education, but supporting women in birth is my true passion. I believe that every woman should have choice in birth. I believe women should be supported and listened to, and am passionate about advocating for women in birth. As a doula I really want to educate, nurture, and support women through the birth process to achieve the birth outcome they want without agenda or judgement. Above all I feel my role is to hold the birth space for the woman and her partner or support people. I am there to protect this space so that the woman can focus and birth feeling safe, supported and empowered. In doing this I will provide birth information (from my growing library of birth resources, DVD's, books, etc), physical and emotional support to the birthing mother and family, and advocate on behalf of the mother to help avoid any unnecessary intervention. I feel completely confident in supporting women in a range of birth scenarios, including home births, hospital births, twins and VBACS. I have studied and myself used hypnobithing and feel confident in supporting women who may choose to use this as a birth option. In my service I offer 2-3 pre natal visits, support at the birth and 2 post natal visits. (Of course more if needed) I am trained in giving advice in birth options, natural pain relief methods, as well as physical and emotional support throughout the birth journey.
2 of my clients are in the process of writing me a testimonial. they are happy to be emailed, so if you contact me I can put you in touch with them, until such time as they can write their testimonial. (very busy new mums!!)
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I will meet with you two or three times before the birth to get to know you and your birth plan. Then I will support you from the onset of established labour (or whenever you need my support) until a couple of hours after your baby is born. In the weeks after the birth visit to debreif on the experience and ensure mother and baby are settled and feeding. I am always available 24/7 to the birthing via phone or by email.
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Massage Birth resource library Birth photography Also Trained in: Anatomy and Physiology Child development Health Promotion B. (Human Movement and Health Education) Syd. University