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Kirsten Eilertsen
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I truly believe no two births, women, or babies are the same, something we all need to remember in order to make a mother's birth optimal. I am an incredibly empathetic, caring, outgoing and funny person and I am very much looking forward to supporting a mum-to-be in one of the most important experiences of her life. Through my training I have become passionate about birth and ensuring that each woman's birth is made her own. I am qualified through the Australian Doula College.
Kirsty's Testimonial: The birth of our first daughter was an amazing, natural and overall extremely positive experience and we owe a great deal of that to having Kirsten as our doula. When my partner Adam and I decided we wanted a doula to support us throughout the birth we met with a number of nice doulas. However they all felt like strangers even after talking with them for an hour or so. We clicked with Kirsten immediately, she has a fantastic sense of humour and offered a lot of information without bias, Adam and I felt like we'd known her forever after the first meeting. Kirsten provided us with a lot of information and resources that we may not have had access to otherwise, this helped us both prepare for the birth. When writing my birth plan Kirsten offered advice and made me consider options and alternatives that I wasn't aware I could have a preference of. The majority of my labour took place in hospital as it was quite strong and quick. Kirsten arrived at the hospital not long after we did and began to be of great assistance immediately. Supporting, encouraging and nurturing both my partner and I for what ended up being another 12 hours. Kirsten really helped me follow my birth plan almost entirely, particularly when I began to have doubts in my ability to have a drug free natural birth. The doctors at the hospital were encouraging me to allow them to intervene with an epidural and then with the use of forceps or a vacuum. I feel that if I hadn't have had Kirsten there to give me confidence and encouragement I would have had an epidural. She was also very good at reading my body language meaning she was able to meet my needs in assisting me through each contraction without me having to ask. Adam is also so grateful that Kirsten was there to support him as he was able to enjoy the experience rather than buckle under the stress of it all which was a major concern of his. Kirsten constantly made sure he was coping and offered assistance when needed. We are very happy to say that with Kirsten's support baby Ivy was born safely without drugs or intervention. She is very healthy and happy so far and we believe this is partly due to her calm and natural welcome to the world. Jordana's Testimonial: As a private patient wanting a natural birth experience, I knew that our chances of success would greatly increase with a doula by our side. However, we didn't know how long it would take to find the right kind of doula for us. When we met Kirsten for the first time, it just felt right - she is a very open human being, and my husband and I felt an instant ease in her presence. It was to be our first child, and Kirsten's first time attending a birth, and based on our intuition and the fact that we were all going into this with a lot of theory but no practice just yet, Kirsten became our doula. The best thing about having Kirsten as a support was her ability to facilitate - she is not one to dictate, but rather (as any good doula should) gently provided us with the tools to increase our understanding of the birthing process, and she was always ready with an anecdote, or website address, or fistful of photocopies to this end. Towards the end of my pregnancy, when it became apparent that my dream for a natural birth was just that, and that a caesarean was medically necessary, Kirsten worked really hard to help me understand that this was not due to some fault of my body, but just the safest way for my baby to come into the world given the circumstances. I really appreciated the fact that she encouraged me to see this as a positive, rather than fall prey to negative thoughts of having 'failed' at birthing naturally. Yet at the same time, she allowed my husband and I room to voice our disappointment at this turn of events. Being encouraged to honour the positive and negative aspects of our birthing experience was incredibly healing, and I can honestly say that I would have found the entire situation incredibly traumatic if it weren't for this. I would not hesitate in recommending Kirsten to any other mother looking for an incredibly nurturing, giving and adaptable trainee doula. Also, she offers thoughtful post-natal support, which is almost as important as support around the birth itself. Thank you so much, Kirsten!!
Services Offered
Once we have decided that I will be your doula we will meet two more times prenatally to establish a relationship and go over your birth preferences. I will then support you through your labor and birth (arriving when you feel you need support and leaving a couple hours after the birth). In the time following I will visit two more times to debrief on your birth and feelings and if desired provide postnatal support and information.
Other Skills
Eleven years nanny experience for children ranging from newborn to six years old. Maternity Nanny Sleep Guidance qualified (Night Nannies). Helping you and your baby in a sleep routine that works for your family. Dunstan Baby Language trained. Helping you identify what your newbord is trying to tell you. Genuine love of caring for people, awesome cupcake baking skills, sensitive and caring.