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Lee Sulzberger
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Optimum Birth
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Every baby is unique, every mother should be treated with care, and every birth is different and to be treated with love and support as we work together in this beautiful amazing time in your life!! -Kalgoorlie based-
i am here to care, support and befriend mum and partner at this amazing time. I am open to all ideas and directions you want to take, and to make things a little easier. Having that 3rd person during the birth eases the tension and helps to have an easier more comfortable birth. -KALGOORLIE BASED-
Services Offered
I offer- 1/2 back massage befor baby is born, suggest different positioning techniques, show you ways to stimulate babys mind, and sleep patterns while still in the womb, assist in a birth plan, support for mum when ever she requires, help and research the birth you want, coaching mum on visuliations, monthly home visits and weekly visits in your last month, support to mum and dad during birth, emotional physical and informative support, photography shots either while pregnant or during the birth, and a whole lot more!
Other Skills
I am based in Kalgoorlie, and a qualified beauty therapist, so a massage is always nice at the end of a pregnancy. I can also take pictures, if required. (I am not a professional but do photography as a hobbie) I have put together an infomormation kit which contains alot of information on everything you need to know about birth and baby.