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Mieke lives in Bellingen, servicing Coffs Harbour and surrounds. Mieke studied Natural Medicine and Completed a Diploma of Homoeopathy in 2003 before studying to become a doula. By this stage Mieke and her husband Emanuel had four kids, three of which had been born at home with lay midwives and one in a Birthing Center with the assistance of a doula. All babies were born naturally without any intervention. In 2003, Mieke established the Coffs Coast Maternity Action Group which successfully campaigned for a publicly funded antenatal clinic for the area. She is currently coordinator of the much loved Pre and Postnatal Support Group
Having been through a very traumatic birth experience with my first child, deciding to utilize a Doula this time was immediately reassuring. I had never heard the term until we were considering the issue. I knew Mieke would support my partner during the birth but it was so much more than just that. The prenatal advice and reassurance gave both of us a plan and confidence. Her support to both of us during the labour was a blessing. As the father, knowing that one was not alone on this journey and that one's partner had the continuum of both physical and emotional care, removed my fear of inadequacy and of even failure to cope. Postnatally, Mieke was able to provide us with continuing reassurance and advice which was also invaluable. I strongly encourage everyone to consider having a Doula during the birth of their baby and completely endorse Mieke for this role. Peter, Father of Ava, born 25th March 2008
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I will meet with the couple before the birth so that we can get to know each other. Prenatal visits are also an opportunity to write a birth plan. The process of writing a birth plan helps the couple to research and discuss the different options available to them during and immediately after birth. From 2 weeks leading up to the due date till baby is born, I am on call for the birth. I will attend the birth from when the mother feels that she needs me until a couple of hours after the birth when breastfeeding has been established. Postnatally, I provide support with breast or bottle feeding, processing the birth as well as an extensive referral and resource list. 24 hour phone support is available from 2 weeks before the due date till 2 weeks after the baby is born.
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Specialising in birth sounding techniques Birthsong singing groups Professional Bellycasting Practitioner referral Birth photography Extensive library Coordinating a meal roster during post partum Birth story