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Moran Liviani
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Moran Liviani
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2Life Doula
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Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast
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Birthing Doula
Childbirth International
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My name is Moran and my work as a Doula is really a work of passion and one that comes from the heart. I was deeply inspired by the outcome of my births in having a Doula with me that I felt compelled to give that same feeling to my clients in giving them back the power to believe in themselves and to birth their babies feeling supported. As a doula I would like to provide my clients with as much information as they feel they need and want to enable them to feel empowered and confident in the choices they wish to make whether that be a birth with intervention or a natural birth but for the client to feel good and whole in reflecting back on the birth experience.
"Dear Moran, Thank you so much for all your support as a Doula and a friend, in helping bring our little Bowie into the world safely, and for taking such good care of us all! (You were the calm voice inside my head that I really needed to hear!) Much love xxx Cath, Lior, Raz & Bowie"
Services Offered
* 3-4 Antenatal visits that will explore your needs and desires for birth, help your partner to prepare for his role in the birth, and provide you both with essential tools for labor and the birth of your baby. These visits also enable you to be comfortable with me so that I can know your needs, your fears and to create a good level of comfort and trust.

* Sessions will also include discussing your fears coming up to the birth, relaxation techniques, active birth positions and any questions or concerns you might have. These sessions will be held in the convenience of your home.

* We will have a session to prepare your birth plan which will outline what your preferences are for your birth and what choices are available to you.

* I will provide you with unlimited support during labour. I will come to you at any stage at which you feel you need me throughout your birth and stay with you till the very end no matter how long it takes and even beyond as I will be there for a couple of hours after your little one is born.

* I will take pictures of the birth if you so wish for me to do so.

* Access to my lending library of books and movies for resources about pregnancy, birth and baby care to enhance your learning.

* I will be on call for your births from 38 weeks and contactable 24/7.

I will provide continuous physical, emotional, and informational support for you and your partner throughout pregnancy and the duration of labour, to aid you in achieving the birth outcome you desire.

* I will come and visit you for a postpartum follow-up visit to debrief your baby's birth, discuss any concerns or questions you might have.

* Throughout your pregnancy and after your birth I will be available to you via telephone, email and skype consultation.

* I will provide you with a contact for a second experienced doula available as back up in case of illness.

Other Skills
HypnoBirthing Practitioner / Placenta Encapsulation Specialist / Birthing Art Mentor / Sacred Pregnancy Instructor
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