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Brita Golsby-Smith - Multiple Birth Doula @ Multiple Mummas
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Multiple Mummas
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The Northern Beaches, Manly, Mona Vale, Avalon, Palm Beach, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West, Sydney
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
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I am a Multiple Birth Doula, Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher, Yoga Coach and Multiple Birth Consultant

As a mum of twins myself, I've navigated the often complex world of multiple birth and have chosen to specialise in this area to support other women so they can also have an amazing birthing experience, however they choose to birth.

As a Doula, I believe that all women deserve a safe and empowering birth experience. I also believe that they need a strong support team during pregnancy, birth and the post natal period. A strong team will provide the confidence and safe haven that women require in order to have a positive birth experience. As a Doula I encourage my clients to make informed choices regarding their place of birth, their choice of care giver and even when intervention is needed I encourage them to ask lots of questions and check for any alternative methods.

In today’s society, with the demands of the medical system, some women feel detached from their birthing process, because they were not supported in their choices or they were not fully informed around their options. This is especially true of Multiple Birth, where the process can become very medicalised.

My role as a Doula is to support both mother and partner and I respect and honour the role of partners in the birthing process. I work very closely with partners and believe they are fundamental in helping mothers to remain calm and centred throughout the birth of their children.

I'm a mum of twins, I birthed my mo/di twin boys vaginally (one head down and one breech).

I know that each birth experience is unique and I would like to support you in your birth. C-Section, Epidural, Pain Management free. However you choose to birth your children is exactly that, your choice.

Mumma to 2 year old identical twin boys, Xavier and Cairo, Step-Mum to 14 year old Tommy, Wife to Tim, I'm passionate about multiple birth in all it’s forms. Brita

Brita has practiced yoga since 2003. A sea-change lead her to explore the exciting world of yoga. She has trained with YogaCoach, Byron Bay Yoga Centre and has specialised in prenatal, postnatal and kids yoga training through Bliss Baby Yoga, Yoga to Go Kids and Rainbow Kids Yoga.

Brita trained as a Doula with Childbirth International (CBI) and will be commencing her nursing studies at University of Technology Sydney in 2016.
It's really quite hard to put into words when an amazing person comes into your world but we will do our best! I was lucky enough to stumble across Brita's Doula service late on in my pregnancy.

Originally my husband and I had thought we just wanted to give birth with the two of us as we are a very solid team and we thought that having another person there might detract from this incredible and intimate experience. As I got closer to my due date I began to realize that actually having a woman there that has given birth and that is there for us could be a really good idea. I am so deeply grateful I listened to that small voice and particularly that I found Brita.

When we first met Brita we were both struck by her passion for birth and her warm and caring nature. She openly shared her own magnificent birth story and asked us what we wanted so she could best support us to achieve that.

We met several times before the labour day and each time Brita left I felt a huge sense of reassurance and empowerment that I would have an amazing and healthy birth. She also grounded me and addressed some concerns I had and went through different scenarios so that I was prepared for the other ways that the birth could unfold. As the lead up to my due date came Brita was there checking in via text and was such a positive and warm support.

We ended up having a marathon labour (45hours!) and Brita was there with us all the way. She helped us in so many ways it was truly amazing-from giving my husband much needed sleep by staying with me and squeezing my hips during every contractions for hours to holding endless glasses of water to my mouth she was there like some angel! Brita even got in to the bath with me to hold the baby heart tracking device so that I could remain in the water where I was able to handle my contractions that were full on. I will always remember how as the contractions came harder and longer Brita kept encouraging me on to unleash that deep vocal noise to help handle the contractions. Despite such a long drawn out labour Brita never faltered, never once showed how exhausted she must have been feeling or any sort of impatience of how long it was taking for my baby to come! She also took incredible photos of our whole birth journey that were never intrusive and that we love looking back on so much.

Post birth Brita gave us so much support and daily checked in on me via text or calling or visiting. She also supported my husband by texting him ideas he might want to consider doing to support me-from recipes to advice about breastfeeding Brita shared so much with us and always in such a warm and caring way that she felt like family. I truly feel so incredibly blessed that I had Brita there by my side for the most incredible event of my life.

While my labour was long and challenging I ended up having an amazing vaginal birth and catching my daughter with my own hands-something I never even dreamed of and feel so blessed that I did. It's always hard to tell but I do feel that had we not had Brita and her incredible support it might have resulted in a birth with a lot more medical intervention.

If you are reading this and still wondering if having a doula is necessary for your birth and if Brita is the right one for you, I would say do yourself and your soon to be here bubs the biggest and best favour and lock her in-I know a woman of this ability will soon be booked out (I just hope she can squeeze us in when we come back for bubs #2!)

Thank you so so much Brita, we love you and are just so grateful we found you! Keep shining that amazing birthing passion of yours!

With love and gratitude,
D & G, Sydney
Services Offered
As your Doula I will:

• Meet with yourself and your partner to get to know you - and you to know me
(no obligation and free of charge).

• Meet with you for 2 antenatal visits during your pregnancy to discuss your birth plan, birth education, pain management options, active birth positions and any desires, fears, questions you may have, these meetings are in the comfort of your own home.

• Be on call 2 weeks either side of your due date and am available for phone/email support throughout your pregnancy whenever required.

• Support you at your birth from whenever you require me (home, hospital, birth centre) until your baby is born and you no longer need my assistance.

• One post partum hospital visit (depending on your stay)

• Meet with you within the first week after the birth for 2 postnatal visits once you and your babies are both settled to debrief about your birthing experience and support you with anything else you may require such as breastfeeding, sleep and settling etc.

• Take photos for you at the birth if you desire.

• Assist you with baby sleep/settling techniques.

• Supply you with access to my library of nutrition, pregnancy and multiple birth books and also CD’S and DVD’S that are available for you to borrow.

I also offer a Birth Only Doula Service:
My Emergency or, ‘I need a doula now, but I am due any day’ service is open to those who are concerned their birth partner may not be able to make the birth, or those who feel they just want another experienced person there to assist and relieve the birth partner for breaks. I will try and meet you once before you are in labour to get to know you and discuss your birth plan. If this is not possible, I will meet you at the birth centre or hospital once the staff confirm you are in established labour. Then once you are in labour, I will be with you until your wonderful babies are in your arms and you are all tucked in for a rest.
Other Skills
I can assist you with breastfeeding, bathing and settling techniques I have learned over the years. I can use your choice of Reiki, relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, pranayama (yogic breathing techniques), mood lighting/candles, ‘Active Birth', 'Accupressure', basic homeopathy, rebozo and massage techniques as well as suggest the use of water in labour. I also have a large collection of music you may like to choose from to play through your journey.

I offer Placental Encapsulation via the TCM or Raw method depending on your preference. This service is a stand alone offering. I do not need to be your doula to provide this service to you. To find out more about placental encapsulation please head to

I am also a qualified yoga teacher specialising in pre and postnatal yoga and offer private pre and post yoga classes in the comfort of your own home.