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Amy Chin-Atkins
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02 6295 1259
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Childbirth International
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As a childbirth doula and HypnoBirthing Childbirth educator, I guide families on their journey towards the pregnancy, birth and beyond tailored to their needs. I believe that all babies and mothers deserve the absolute best possible start in life. Birthing a child is one of a woman's most important and memorable events in her life, and it should be a positive, joyful experience rather than the traumatic event that is often retold or portrayed in the media. Women's bodies are designed to birth their baby naturally, and with the right information, tools, support and respect, birth can be more safe, comfortable, easy and relaxed for both mother and baby. The HypnoBirthing method is a philosophy as well as a technique, enabling families to realise the best parenting experiences that they can achieve. My professional background is in research, I received a first class honours and PhD in molecular biology from ANU. We have 3 children. My first birth was a typical obstetrically-managed birth, and my son required time in the special care unit due to the drugs and forceps used during the labour. With my second pregnancy, I decided that there must be a better way to birth and hired a doula. This time, as an informed and empowered birthing mother, I had a wonderful, ecstatic natural birth. This was a life-changing event for me. I could see clearly the thin line between a bad and a good birthing and baby experience. I see how a poor birth can affect the family involved for the rest of their lives and how a good birth can be empowering for the mother, enthralling for the father, ideal for the baby and add to the family in so many ways. Following the natural high of this birth, which lasted weeks, I changed careers and become a doula myself. My first doula role was for a friend in 2001, and although the birth was in a teaching hospital, the baby was born completely naturally and in the caul - very lucky! I have since supported many more mothers including first-time mothers and mothers who have had VBACs (vaginal birth after caesarian), multiple babies, caesarians, breech, and births at hospital and at home. I founded Four Trimesters in 2002 while living in Singapore. It has grown to become the leading HypnoBirthing Institute in Asia, supporting over 250 births and teaching antenatal classes to over 500 couples. While living in Europe, I was an invited 'baby expert' on the "Richard and Judy Show", prime time live to 5 million viewers in the UK. For my third child, I chose an unassisted homebirth, with only my husband and 2 children present, which for the family was an incredibly bonding, moving
"Thank you very much! You have made our birth experience a wonderful and memorable one. Till now, I'm still grateful to you, your help and presence during our baby's birth." Ping Hui Ping Hui published her story in 'Young Parents' magazine: "I had a memorable birth experience for my second child, totally drug-free and with no medical intervention. With my doula to help me through labour, and a very supportive gynae, I did it as Nature intended. I hope my story gives encouragement to mothers who want a vaginal birth but are terrified of it. And to those who think they can't have one after a c-section. I'd say, just trust your body." Ping Hui, after her 'joyous VBAC' "You are the one that allowed me to enjoy my second birth. Until now my husband still says: 'glad we had the doula'." Tian Sew "I wouldn't have been able to pull through Jordan's birth without you, you've been such a source of comfort and all those positive strokes! I would have really buckled and caved in otherwise. I thank God for you and the confident, calm and reassuring ways that you've brought to our family." Gayle
Services Offered
I offer doula support tailored to your individual needs, during your: - pregnancy - labour and birth - I am on call 24/7 from 3 weeks before your due date, and stay with you after your baby is born for 1-3 hours to ensure breastfeeding is established and everything is fine - postnatal breastfeeding and other baby care support in the fourth trimester. I strongly encourage my doula couples to take the doula package that includes the HypnoBirthing course. This is offered as private and group classes. Email or phone for a no obligation introduction. I also offer breastfeeding consultation in your home.
Other Skills
I am a breastfeeding counsellor, speaker and counsellor trainer. I have also taught antenatal, postnatal and parenting, breastfeeding, baby massage, elimination communication (natural infant hygiene) and babywearing classes. I have a well stocked library of pregnancy and birth, breastfeeding and parenting books which are available for borrowing by clients.