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HOMEBIRTH SUPPORT IN THE BLUE MOUNTAINS I'm the homebirth mother of 4 gorgeous daughters, born 93, 95, 98 & 02. I've worked with pregnant women & their families for many years & have been involved with the BM homebirth group for 17 years. I am an experienced birth worker, having attended over 200 births - nearly 100 of those have been homebirths. I Coordinated the local homebirth group for several years & was also the Assistant Coordinator of Homebirth Access Sydney for 2 1/2 yrs. Since 2003 I've been facilitating pregnancy & postnatal groups in the Mountains. I have trained extensively, understand the physiology of pregnancy & birth & the emotional & spiritual needs of the labouring woman. I complement the midwives care in holding the space, especially in the case of a long or difficult labour. I trust in a woman's innate ability to give birth & aim to form a warm, caring relationship with each birthing family that I support. I'm available to listen to & hear the needs & concerns of the mother & partner. I have experience with homebirth, waterbirth, freebirth & unassisted, VBAC, vaginal twin, breech, posterior, teenage, lotus & stillbirth. I'm an Advanced Childbirth Educator & Trainer with NACE, a qualified Birth Attendant, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), a Counsellor & Community Educator with the Australian Breastfeeding Association & a Grief Counsellor with the Small Miracles Foundation. In 2009, I was honoured to have been nominated for the Australian of the Year Awards. My vision is to encourage women's innate faith & confidence in their birthing ability & to help create a safe, non threatening environment for the birth of their baby.
The impending birth of our little angel was made so much less scary aith our Doula Nat there by our side. And absolutely THE BEST thing we did before the birth was attend the Innate Birth weekend workshop. I was more educated & supported in my choices from that workshop than any other book I read or seminar I attended. I would happily reccomend the course or Natalie as a Doula to any prospective parent/s. Michelle, Paul & Mieke Duncan 2006 Natalie took me on as a client at the last moment of my pregnancy after I had moved interstate and knew no one. I met her, spoke to her on the phone, and knew instinctively that she would be perfect birth support for me. I had a very long labour and yet Nat stayed present with me in large ways & small. Her graceful and unobtrusive manner & willingness to just do whatever it took to support me to birth my baby, my way, helped make my birth experience one I feel I can fully own. She also provided me with time & space in which to debrief, to my own timetable not one of her convienience. Nat is the wise woman I would choose without hesitation to be present at the births of any future children. Janet Fraser 2006 Thank you Nat. For opening your home and your arms to so many women - and their families - through your Innate Birth Groups. Sometimes the groups are informative and broadening like the Kinesiology day. Sometimes they are inspiring and heartwarming like the viewing of the "Big Stretch". Sometimes still they are celebratory and honouring of birth and her sacredness, power and normality, like the recent belssing circle you hosted. But, always, the groups provide an opportunity for women with a passion for natural birth to get together and share their stories over a tea and nibblies, about birth, children, and everything in between. much love kiri October 2007 Innate Birth
Services Offered
INNATE BIRTH - Childbirth Education & Birth Support Natalie offers a traditional birth attendant service for pregnant women or couples who would like extra support during pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum. Within my service I provide techniques for natural active birth preparation, evidence-based information, comfort measures, pain-coping strategies, breath awareness, continuity support at the birth, sibling care, photography, blessing circles, support with baby care & breastfeeding in the early weeks & beyond. ALL home visits, unlimited phone & email contact, 24 hr /7 day week availability Servicing homebirth families in the Blue Mountains, Lithgow, Hawkesbury & Western Sydney areas. Active Birth preparation workshops. Traumatic birth debrief & counselling Sibling care, teenage support, photography, reflexology, breastfeeding & baby care. Extensive video & book library I do not provide any clinical or medical procedures. Independent Midwife referrals available, contact details to the Blue Mountains Support Group & the local Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) group provided. I have attended over 45 courses, conferences & workshops & am a member or subscriber to several Maternity related organisations.
Other Skills
Childbirth & Parenting Educator (NACE 2001) Birth Attendant/Doula (Birth Central 2001) Infant Massage (2002) Breastfeeding Counsellor (ABA 2003) Bonnie Babes Grief Counsellor (2003) Cert l & ll Reflexology + 20 hrs Maternity Reflexology (2003) Hypno Birth techniques (Serene Birthing 2003) Groupwork for Survivours of Sexual Abuse (ECAV 2004/05) Core of Life Facilitator Training (2005) Doula Trainer (2006) Adv. Childbirth Educator/Trainer (NACE 2007) Cert IV Breastfeeding Counselling (ABA, 2008) Cert IV Breastfeeding Community Education (ABA, 2008) Cert IV TAA40104 Trainer and Assessor (ABA, 2008) Photography (2008) Adv. Practice Breastfeeding Course (Nepean Hosp, 2009) Baby Friendly Health Initiative Educator & Assessor Training (2009) International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLE, 2009) BFHI Educator/Assessor (2010) Cert First Aid (current) Nutrition Child Development Anatomy & Physiology Medical Terminology Sociology Homeopathy/Aromatherapy