Sarah Goldberg
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Sarah Goldberg (Director of Nurtured Birth, Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator and Pregnancy Massage Specialist)
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Nurtured Birth
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0401 083 778
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
Rhea Dempsey's Birthing Wisdom, Massage therapist, Pregnancy Massage Australia, Jenny Blyth's creating space body workshop, Suzanne Yates intensive Shiatsu for pregnancy and birth, Reiki, Meditation.
About / Bio
My name is Sarah Goldberg and I am passionate about pregnancy, birth and beyond. I contribute to families by providing them with a supportive and nurturing birth experience as a doula. During your pregnancy I work with you to develop a warm relationship, with the options of providing pregnancy massage, childbirth education and birth planning. After the birth, I also offer postnatal support, which can include a birth debrief, support with the new baby and mobile massage. You can also come and see me in my therapy rooms for a relaxing and nurturing therapeutic massage for women of all ages. I like to work intuitively and sensitively, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, deeply rested and well supported.

I came to discover my passion to support families through their own birth experiences from the birth of my son in 2006. I was newly living in Peru at the time and had strong intuitive instincts but also some random romantic ideas around how and where I wished to birth my babe. I had much literature sent to me from Australia so I could prepare as best I could. The labour including pre labour was 36 hours in total and my baby was born safely and healthily at home. I had chosen the right people to support me, the loving father, my midwife her assistant, my dear friend who was an obstetrician.
"Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards you for all you have done for my wife and myself over the past couple of days. Our experience felt surreal, however you gave us confidence and guidance during some pretty trying times which was invaluable. You made us feel safe right through out. Thank you to your family for sharing their time with us so my family could be delivered to my arms safely. Your friendship, warmth and loved expressed towards my partner and myself will long be remembered and we will be forever grateful. I hope your now well rested and ready for the next couple, I would love to tell them what great hands they are in. So a heart felt and teary Thank you. All our love" Stephen 2014

"I never knew what a Doula was until I was pregnant and I am really surprised it is not more well-known and utilised in our modern society. I honestly do not know how I could have birthed at all without the help of my doula Sarah, let alone birthed naturally. There are always unexpected events (as expected) with major life events, and so it was , with the birth of our son. Hospital full, no rooms, no midwives available when you need them, post birth complications and surgery etc etc. Sarah not only prepared me physically with her amazing prenatal massages during my whole pregnancy, but also physiologically for the unexpected complications which might arise during birth. This helped immensely to minimize drama and trauma for me, my husband and baby! The most important thing I can mention is that Sarah is a support not just for “the day”. But all her advice, massage, referrals, and wisdom prenatally also continues post natally. I can not imagine what I would do without her post natal massage, advice, referrals and support . Bringing a new human being into the world is not just about 1 day of birth. It’s a long journey before and afterwards. Sarah’s philosophy of supporting a woman during pregnancy and birth is realized in practice… After birth as well! We are really blessed to have been introduced to Sarah, our doula, masseuse, pre and post natal wisdom and support and magic hands mamasita!"
Simone, Gille and Imanol, 2014

"If it wasn’t for Sarah I would not have been able to keep going. This was my second baby and I was scared about how it would all go as my first labour was a long and difficult one. But Sarah gave me such positive, calming affirmations that guided me so smoothly into labour and when it really got tough Sarah, along with my husband and sister were literally the arms I leaned on for support. She held me for hours walking through each contraction and did not stop believing in me. Her visualizations, strength, confidence, and her deep understanding of me as a person gave me the most precious gift, my beautiful little girl Milla. Sarah, what a truly magical journey. Thank you."
Simone, 2013

"After suffering tiredness & migraines for weeks during my first pregnancy, Sarah was recommended to me by my midwife; Jenny Teskey. I’d never have thought pregnancy massage could help in so many ways and cannot put in words just how grateful I am to have met Sarah. She is a professional above all but also become a friend who provided me with some much needed support & guidance whilst also helping my mind & body relax during her massage therapy."
Hanna, 2013

"First and foremost I have to say that Sarah’s primary great skill as a Doula was that she truly knew how to give appropriate space to both of us. As the birth partner, what I needed most from Sarah is exactly what I got: comfort, re-assurance, strength, humour and an overall feeling of being supported and nurtured. She gave me all the right cues as to how she thought I could support my partner in labour. And she did this at exactly the times where she read that I may have been feeling a little lacking in focus or direction (or just sheer exhaustion) – in terms of my role as birth partner. Most of all, Sarah’s energy was calming and empowering all at once. "
Richard, 2012

"I approached this second birth with some amount of fear and a determination to create a positive experience, unlike the birth experience of my first child. At all times I felt Sarah was standing next to me and empowering me with her gentle but focussed way. Once she helped me let go of certain expectations, I was able to truly have an empowered birth. I can’t thank her enough for that. "
Nemi Bishops, 2012

"Being a midwife I know just how important it is to have a trusting and flexible birth team.
Sarah's constant presence of energy held the space for us during labour with the perfect balance between reassurance, guidance and understanding. My husband and I felt truly supported during our journey into parenting" Bella 2011

"Sarah assisted in keeping me calm, she helped me believe in myself my body and my baby. I felt so safe and that was so important to me" Lou 2010

Services Offered
I tailor my doula services to the needs of each family. More meetings can be added if needed. Here is an example of the optimal services for birth support which will optimise better support for your family.

-Minimum of two meetings prior to labour

-Minimum of one post natal birth debrief

-Available to talk on the phone email as much as needed.

-Accompany parent/s through labour (from when the mother feels like more support is needed)

Sarah can also discuss:

- Choices for childbirth, care options to best suit your needs.

- Birth plan preparations.

- Preparing for your VBAC or HBAC

- Very experienced with woman suffering depression and anxiety.

Post natal services:

Bringing a new baby home can be overwhelming. No matter how much you have prepared the new demands may throw you. Having an experienced mother can assist in many ways. Supporting parents to develop confidence with their baby, give you time out to rest knowing that your baby is well looked after. Support with bonding, settling and understanding your babies cues.
Other Skills
I also provide women of all ages with a very relaxing and nurturing therapeutic massage. I work intuitively and with great sensitivity leaving you feeling rejuvenated, deeply rested and well supported. And for mamas to be, I specialise in pregnancy massage, induction massage and postnatal massage.