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My name is Olaia and for me there is nothing more fascinating on Earth than the miracle of a new life entering the world. Mum of 2 boys and 1 girl, I have been passionate about the beauty of pregnancy and birth since a very young age and have had the joy to have accompanied many women in their journey to motherhood.

My role as a doula is:

- to inform, inspire and empower women and their partners in their transition into parenthood on their first or subsequent babies.

- to help couples understand and embrace the natural process of birth, letting go of fears, making informed choices based on growing knowledge and confidence.

- to feel and listen to the mother needs and wishes; heart centred - client centred approach

- to give physical and emotional support in labour, encouraging women to connect with their babies and their body and to believe and trust that all wisdom to give birth is within themselves.

I really enjoy seeing mothers owning their sacred and intimate experience of birthing their babies the way they wish it to be.

I believe the more an expectant mother feels safe, honoured and respected, the greater the chance of having a positive birth experience. For me, giving birth is not only about birthing a healthy baby but also about the birth of a physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy and strong mother, empowered by the experience.

As well as pregnancy, labour and birth support, I also offer holistic childbirth education classes.

I am based in the Channel area, 35 min south of Hobart.
"My name is Nadia, and I was blessed to have Olaia as my Doula at the birth of my second child, Wyana. I met Olaia a few weeks before my due date. I was moving houses and when feeling the distress I was going through, Olaia asked if I wanted to make a belly blessing ceremony, to pull my attention away from that stress and drag my focus back to the baby and birth. What a wise insight and great idea. The ceremony was very special and empowering.

The big day came, at the due date on the dot. The night of the 13th october at 7.36pm my water broke. Around 9pm my backup midwife Sue, arrived at the same time as Olaia. The contractions were very strong. My gorgeous man Scott, had to keep up with my demands for the hot water bottle. At the same time, he also had to care for our boy Jali, who at the time was two and a half years old. Having Olaia's and Sue's extra hands to cope with the hot pack demands was a gift from heaven.

I kept moving through every room of the house holding Olaia's hand and leaning against her body with each contraction. She kept whispering very powerful sentences in my ear. Almost like mantras. The soft whisper of her voice was a very powerful support to keep me focused, strong and calm.

Finally I went back to the bath. Olaia, the whisperer angel, gently massaged me on the back and shoulders with a very soft and healing touch. Then while having my body supported by Olaia's arms, I felt the most amazing pressure which came out of my mouth as a loud OM. The baby's head was out. Another big pressure and Wyana was born, into Sue's hands. Scott came running from the bedroom. Olaia left the bath to take the very first precious photos. My midwife arrived. It took more two hours for the birthing of the placenta. Olaia massaged acupressure points on my legs to help it out.

She came visiting the next day and the following week. Wyana's umbilical cord came away naturally after 3 days in what is known as a Lotus birth.

I was so happy to discover the truth about giving birth. No one ever told me to push or to do this or that because my body did everything. Olaia's knowledge and calm, assuring, positive and non intrusive attitude helped me all the way through to believe in my capacity to do it myself and to trust the wisdom of my own body.

Having this wonderful midwifes and amazing doula at Wyana's birth was a big healing from what I had experienced with my first child: 3 days of labour, hospital threats of caesarean, bright lights, etc.

I would recommend Olaia for all mums wanting an intuitive, resourceful, gentle, compassionate and warm presence at the birth of their babies.

Thanks again for your beautiful energy Olaia!" (October 2006)
Services Offered
I will meet with you two - three times before the birth to build a close and trusting rapport with you and your partner and to get to know your birth wishes and preferences; and one-two times in the weeks after the birth. I will support you from the onset of established labour until a couple of hours after your baby is born and you feel comfortable for me to leave. I am available on the phone, skype or by email. Experience with home birth, water birth, lotus birth, birth centre, hospital, VBAC, IVF, induction. Please check the "feedback" session to have an idea of the way I work through my client's testimonials.

I offer:

- Access to my resources (Books, DVDs, The Pink Kit, articles, photos, magazines, video links, websites, etc)

- Information on nutrition, flower essences, homeopathy, aromatherapy, baby massage, breastfeeding and bonding.

- Use of my gym ball

- Reiki

- Meditation

- Visualization

- Relaxation

- Photo - video (non professional)

- Other languages: Portuguese (fluent) and a little bit of French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Auslan.

- Senior First Aid Certificate

- Work with children check (VIC)
Other Skills
Extra services:

-Holistic Childbirth Education sessions

-Art therapy / Counselling

-Belly blessing ceremonies

-Transition into parenthood rituals