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Rani Hynes
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Rani Hynes
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123 Mother 2B
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0405 064 302
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
Bellydance for Birth - the Al Musa method & Australian Doulas
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BellydanceBirth Certified Teacher

I am a Mother to three beautiful boys aged 7, 6 & 8 months. I was fortunate to experience an amazing, powerful and unforgettable birth at home in 2015, when my youngest son Keanu came earth side. I danced throughout my pregnancy and during my very quick labour.

As a qualilfied BellydanceBirth teacher, I wish to impart my knowledge and experience on to other Mamas so they may achieve birthing the way that they want.

BellydanceBIrth - Mindful Movement Spiralling from Within

Be guided through intuitive movement in a safe and welcoming space connecting with your baby and inner self. As you open and expand, so will your knowledge and confidence from the energy and insight of a circle of expectant Mothers, all honouring the language of the feminine for birth.

Journey through pregnancy processes which circle and embalm the inner energy of a Mother. As you are led to spiral into your womb space, you open a trove of wisdom. Your inner guide is awakened by movement of your own energy which you succumb to, as you can’t help but dance the dance that many have danced before you, created from within.

No prior dance experience necessary.

The four week course consists of:

1. Opening Circle & Blessings
2. Warms Ups – feel your body begin to soften & open
3. Introduction & Review of Dance Moves
4. Pregnancy Process – oh so very lovely
5. Free Dance – let yourself go
6. Relaxation – your time to connect with yourself
7. Closing Circle & Blessings – so you may go about your day in the most beautiful way

"I feel truly blessed I found out about the classes and was able to participate in something with such a lovely energy. Thank you so much!!"

"My deep gratitude and hopes that you are able to share Bellydance for Birth with more women in the future".
Rani was a tremendous support to me during my pregnancy and at the birth of my son and I can't imagine how I would have coped without her. She went way beyond the call of duty to ensure I felt emotionally supported every step of the way & was very knowledgeable. She was an angel sent from God to help me deal with my anxiety and fears about motherhood & child birth. I can't thank her enough for her guidance & support and will always think of her with love and gratitude for the integral role she played in the birth of my precious son James

Hilary & James, Birth/Postnatal 2013

"Sharing the most intimate moment of your life with a perfect stranger sounds daunting, but that's just what happens with a doula. I chose Rani as my doula for the birth of my second baby, as I was forced to due to circumstance. At the end of the experience, this 'helicopter mum' openly only trusts Rani (besides hubby) to be with my boys in my absence. From the get go, she was very well informed and offered a vast array of options, many I had no clue of. She informed me without being overbearing, and respected every decision I made. Her patience and honest compassion drew us to her. She redefined going 'beyond the call of duty'. Not only does Rani know a lot about babies, pregnancy and mums, but her knowledge also includes alternative therapies.

She was bright, fresh and energised at 2am when labour was in full force. When the midwife fled, Rani took over. She even captured the first few moments in photos for me, something I cherish forever. Post-natal care was what got me through. Flowers when I was having a tough time - one of the many sweet, compassionate acts. What doula handbook tells you to cheer your client up with flowers? Rani's did!! And it certainly worked! Words fail me when I try to express the extent of her support.

A potentially stressful period in my life was actually made so bearable and memorable thanks to Rani. If you are doubtful and wish to chat about anything I could help with, I'm happy to oblige".

Pevash - Birth/Postnatal Client 2013

We were lucky enough to have Rani come to us from when our son was 5 months old.
Rani was like a family member for us as we were living away from home. She provided us with support, advice/suggestions, infant massage training, meals from her meal tree, TFT techniques, housework and a keen ear.

We would certainly recommend Rani with all her skills, tools and kindness to other families who are in need of a bit of extra support.

We recently shifted to be closer to our family and really miss Rani and her amazing support.

I still use the TFT techniques she taught me and have found them really helpful.
I think every new family should have a Rani.

Julie & Cameron, Postnatal Clients 2013/2014
Services Offered
BellyDance Birth Teacher - prepare for the birth that you desire, gaining knowledge of the birth process and beneficial exercises to do in lead up to and during birth both for optimal positioning and birthing. Meet other beautiful Mamas as you go journey through birth processes and share and guide each other building long lasting friendships. Be spoilt as all Mamas should be in a safe and loving environment, where you are free to "let go".
Other Skills
BellydanceBirth Teacher, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Thought Field Therapy Algorithm & Diagnotics Practitioner - used for trauma, anxiety, stress, physical upsets, anger and any other upset in the energy field, Ayurvedic Pregnancy & Women's Care, Ayurvedic Cooking