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Sophie Wakefield
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03 5029 7208
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Childbirth International
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Hi, my name is Sophie and I am currently a doula in training servicing Mildura and the Sunraysia District.

I am training through Childbirth International as well as receiving some on the job training and attending specialised workshops.

My husband and I, along with our three young children, live on a farming property in outback NSW, one hour north of Mildura VIC. My passion to become a doula began with my own experiences with childbirth.

My first birth was traumatic and took alot to overcome yet my third and final birthing experience was wonderfully empowering and supported by our beautiful midwife. I hope that as a doula I can provide my clients with undivided support and encouragement, useful resources and skills for labour, not to mention cherished memories through photographic documentation and labour and birth.

I hope that with my experiences as a mother, a birth photographer and that of a passionate doula in training I can provide a uniquely personal support service to each woman and family, enabling a positive birthing experience to take flight!

As I am still training I do not have a testimonial as a doula but can provide two birth photography testimonials.....

"We were extremely lucky to have Sophie present at the recent home waterbirth of our third child, Elijah. The photos she took for us are absolutely amazing, and we now have photographic memories to last a lifetime. We had toyed with the idea of doing the photos ourselves, or asking our beautiful midwife to take some for us, but I really wanted something more than what I thought this would produce, as I thought we might be so caught up in the moment that we would forget, or rush, or not take any until later, and I had seen other people's professional homebirth photos and wanted something similar for us.

Well I can honestly say that Sophie delivered what I wanted, and more. And, on top of this, her discretion and sensitivity was amazing and absolute, and not once did I feel watched, or that my private space was being intruded on, yet she managed to capture the most intimate moments! She was so amazingly quiet that I barely even knew that she was there, and so when I saw the photos later I was even more amazed as I hadn't realised she had been in a position to capture these kind of images, for example close-ups of my face as I met our son, and my other sons standing over the birth pool with looks of awe on their little faces.

I would highly recommend Sophie to anyone considering a birth photographer, who doesn't want their partner to have the responsibility of having to take photos at a time when he should be focusing on his family, and who wants to truly capture the special moments, because Sophie did just that. She is truly amazing!!"

Katherine 2012
Services Offered
I currently offer doula in training services as well as birth photography.

I am currently not charging for my doula services due to required birth numbers for training purposes. I am simply asking for travel costs to be covered only. Please contact me if you would like to utilise my services whilst in training!
Other Skills
Birth Photography, reference and resource library.