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Sophie Merchant ~ Journey to Birth
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Journey to Birth
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0415 123 011
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Birthing Doula, Postnatal Doula
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** Please note I am currently unavailable to new clients **

I am Sophie; mum to Poppy & Lottie, wife to Ross, and qualified doula from Adelaide, SA.
I completed my doula training with the Australian Doula College at the end of 2013 and not long after, completed the Certificate IV in Doula Support Services.

I am passionate about birth, babies, breastfeeding, and the spectrum of choices involved. I fully believe in a woman’s innate ability to give birth without intervention but I also understand there are times when intervention is truly necessary. My role is to support without bias and provide information as required.

As your doula I will support you in all your choices, help to guide you through your options, and hopefully inspire you to find your inner strength to birth with confidence.

Please contact me if you would like further information about the services I can offer you, or to make an appointment for an obligation-free interview.
"Sophie you connected with Rob and I immediately and therefore a trusting relationship naturally followed. The wealth of information you provided was most helpful to us - particularly myself as I like to 'read, read, read' in order to make informed decisions.
It was most helpful to us to have someone to talk to prior to our birth about any and all things baby. You helped to normalise our anxieties and to encourage us to make our own choices about what we were wanting from our birthing experience. I certainly felt supported by you when I challenged the 'status quo' of medical tests and sought alternative options throughout my pregnancy.
Your commitment to client care was obvious when you took my call to discuss my breastfeeding concerns shortly after B was born, and again following our final appointment when we were struggling to find unbiased information about tongue ties. Thank you for that, to me those little extras made a big difference to me as a first time mum.
Rob and I both agree that we could not have asked for a better Doula, and we tell anyone and everyone that engaging the support of a Doula will be money well spent!"

~ Rachael (& Rob)

"Sophie is an amazing, thoughtful, well informed and supportive woman. I honestly believe that she helped me to get everything I wanted out of my birthing experience even when my plans changed at the last minute. Sophie held the space for me and was a welcome hand to squeeze when I needed it and a soothing voice when I felt like I couldn't keep going.
Throughout the last half of my pregnancy, Sophie was there almost daily with advice, information and support and I wouldn't hesitate to include her in my birth team again. I'm very lucky to have had her care and support as a doula and I'm lucky to now call her a friend."

~ Ebony (& Gary)

"Sophie was always only a conversation away with positive words and support. At one stage the baby was posterior and I was so worried about birthing a posterior baby as I had heard so many bad stories. Sophie sent me links to read to help baby get in a better position and every time we talked she would remind me to do the exercises - I was lazy at doing them!
Sophie helped me to feel excited about birth. Just knowing that she would be there with me made me look forward to it!"

~ Renae (& Matt)
Services Offered
My complete package includes...

* 2-3 antenatal and 2 postnatal visits
* Continuous support throughout your labour & birth
* Breastfeeding support following the birth
* Access to my lending library of books, DVDs and audio
* Assistance in preparing a birth preferences document
* I am also on standby for 2 weeks either side of your estimated due date (EDD) and available 24/7 in that time to offer phone support.

I also offer an Antenatal Planning package for people who do not require physical birth support.

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