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The largest part of a doula's role is 'Support'....this comes in many forms, the greatest thing a doula can do is to support you to be you so that when the period of care is over you are full & content with going forward with parenting. I specifically provide: heart-centred communication & education (you know it all already) Support with your rhythm for pregnancy, birth and parenting Support for partners during birth but also during the entire journey Helping to communicate your needs during birth with your fellow care-givers Supporting you, consistently to feel what you need...where to birth, how to birth, how to parent Appreciating that you know best for your baby..... you feeling and developing trust in what you feel Supporting you to develop your self-nurturing and strengthen your daily rhythms to develop a solid foundation for when your baby arrives.
"Shannon was fantastic, her support played a major and significant role in enabling me to bring our baby calmly into this world. Shannon always made time to chat, listen to my concerns, answer questions, she pampered me with massage, heat packs, teas, made and delivered many nourishing meals and snacks, took artistic photos and created a beautiful album full of memories and so much more. But most of all she expressed genuine love, support and care. She was an angel in a time of great need." Corinne (December 2006) "During my third pregnancy, I worked with Shannon. It was through these sessions that I was able to recognise & then connect to deeper issues I had around being a mum, and how these were related to the physical symptoms I was experiencing. In working through these, my body was able to experience an entire pregnancy feeling amazingly light and ready to embrace the birth of my child. As the birth approached, Shannon was a wonderful support for any fears that arose. Our little girl arrived very gracefully, and continues with this same energy 4 months on. " Anna (February 2009)
Services Offered
I offer very flexible birth and postnatal support packages. As a Birth Doula: We meet during your pregnancy for three sessions where I provide heart-centred education and communication on issues relating to pregnancy, birth and parenthood, support you in planning for your birth with attention to nominating attachments to outcomes in that process. I then attend the birth from when we feel I am needed and I stay on until you are settled with your baby. We then have 2 meetings after the birth where I bring nutritious meals and we discuss anything that arises around the birth, motherhood or breastfeeding. At all times the focus is on allowing you to come to your own awareness on where to birth, how to birth and how to care for your baby. The support I provide is suitable for hospitals, birth centers and home births where a registered midwife is present. As a Postnatal Doula: We meet during your pregnancy to tailor a package specific to your needs. My role includes birth debriefing, breastfeeding/bottle-feeding support, practical sleep/settle planning, preparing nourishing meals, allowing you more time to rest as well as general cleaning & care for siblings where required. Supporting you to strengthen your daily rhythms, develop your self-nurturing and to make this life transition as gracefully and gently as possible. I am also available during the period of care to communicate via phone and email.
Other Skills
I offer very gentle, nurturing massage for women during pregnancy and after your baby is born as well as esoteric healing sessions. I also have an excellent referral service for other practitioners, these include counselling, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, physiotherapy, naturopathy & nutrition, esoteric breast massage and esoteric healing.