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Michelle Wentworth
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Michelle Wentworth
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I'm a very experienced Sydney Doula of 19 years based in the eastern suburbs. My clinic is in Bondi. I have four children of my own and have attended over 500 births. My role as your Doula is to support you in any way you choose to give birth, in any place, and with most care providers. I specialise in VBAC, previous birth trauma, women with pre-existing anxiety issues, and in supporting couples who have experienced fertility problems or pregnancy loss.

I act as a guide who offers choices and information, allowing you then to decide what suits you and your baby best. Ive worked both as a Doula, and as a health professional, in all of the Sydney maternity units so I certainly know my way around. And having been around for this long as a Doula, a Mum, and a health professional, I have worked with a diverse range of people, situations and beliefs. There are very few scenarios that I have not encountered.

We will usually meet around 1-6 times before you give birth, giving you plenty of opportunity to ask questions, and giving us plenty of time to get to know each other. I offer pregnancy, birth and postnatal support to women and their partners all over the Greater Sydney area.

My role as your Doula encompasses caring for you and offering support, information and insight during your pregnancy. I support you fully on the day that you have your baby, how ever that may be, by offering position suggestions, massage, acubirth, Hypnobirthing, liaising with staff with or for you, ensuring that you are given information, and giving you plenty of pain relief options. After your baby is born I give plenty of postnatal care to help you feel confident and supported.

Your Doula care with me is shared with your partner. I offer equal support to both partners throughout the pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. Your partner's role is paramount to me and I can help him or her to help you during your labour, and after your baby arrives. Preparation for your partner is something that I am passionate about.

In addition to Doula support I provide my Mothercraft consultancy day visits and overnight care for new parents who may require some guidance with sleeping, settling and feeding their new baby. I also offer placental encapsulation service to my clients for no extra fee, and to non clients.
By Alicia Langlands

Michelle was my guardian angel through the last few weeks of pregnancy and the long hours of birth. She encouraged me, supported me and inspired me to push on when I felt ready to let someone else take over. I would have never achieved my VBAC Homebirth without her endless words of reassurance. I would definitely recommend Michelle for anyone planning either a hospital or homebirth.

By Saori Whiteley

Michelle visited our home on numerous occasions to provide us with valuable information on available options and on what to expect. Her knowledgeable and her unbiased views on birthing allowed us to make informed decisions before and on the day. Both my husband and I felt comfortable staying at home as long as possible before going to the hospital knowing that she was there to help under any circumstance. At the hospital, my husband and I were able to concentrate on birthing while Michelle liaised with the midwife. She discreetly reminded me ways to relax during my contractions and was there to hold to my hand. It was also wonderful to have her there to take photos of us the second we became a family. If we ever have another child, I will be sure to contact Michelle again. I recommend her services to anyone considering a calm, natural birth.

By Elisa Cirene

Whilst I did not achieve my desired VBAC, I found Michelle to be incredibly supportive of my goals and pointed me to all the resources to help me understand what to expect. Michelle has a nice approach and lets her clients lead the way. I would definitely recommend her.

By Donna Hosie

I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle and her colleague Catherine. I found the support they provided me was excellent and I achieved the birth I wanted. I ended up having a natural home birth. Michelle guided me emotionally thought my pregnancy, labour and birth, and they both taught me how to manage the birth process in a positive way. Thank you very much.
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Birth Wishes Consultation
Birth Support
Placenta Encapsulation
Birth Pool Hire
Postnatal Care
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Extensive library, great referral network, birth counselling, breastfeeding advice, first moments birth photos,Placental Encapsulation, Hypnobirthing, birth pool hire

Postnatal Care: As part of some of my packages I offer 4 hour blocks of Postnatal Care and Overnight Postnatal Care. This includes help with settling, feeding, giving you some time out if you need it, meals, light housekeeping and new Mum errands. Just enquire for more information.
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