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Vickie Hingston-Jones
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Vickie Hingston-Jones
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Confident Birth & WellBeing
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From the birth of my four children in the last century to those of my five grandchildren in this, I have witnessed many empowering births. It is this empowerment of women, and the perfect start in life for babies, that drew me to supporting them through that most important event in their lives.
I have many years experience and have supported natural, home, cesarian, VBAC, multiple, Lotus, breech and water births and am committed to providing a high quality personal, caring and professional service to all my clients. My emphasis is on natural birth but my major role is to support a woman in whatever way she needs me.
I encourage parents to use evidence-based information to make informed choices surrounding the birth of their child. I guide couples through the birth process so they fully understand how the body work and how, by maintaining a stress free and fear free environment, a woman is able to produce her own natural resource of pain medication - endorphins.
I am always on call to answer any concerns or worries parents may have and my support throughout labour and birth is constant and not limited by time constraints.
In 2010 I introduced Beer & Bubs sessions to Canberra to prepare men to be great birth supporters.
I recently decided to take semi-retirement and cut back on birth attendance. It was not an easy decision to make . To reduce the number of births, I will now only take on return clients, homebirth clients, women referred by friends who are past clients, midwives and obstetricians, or women who need particularly specialised help. Do you fall into any of these categories? If so, I would be happy to meet you and your partner for an obligation free talk about your needs. If not, I can give you the names of other great doulas in Canberra. Please give me a call if you would like more information, an obligation free meeting or just a chat about birth options in the ACT.
If you're wondering if a Doula is right for you, from my experience with Vickie, the answer is that you would be crazy not to have one. The first time we met Vickie with her georgous smile we felt a huge weight lifted as all our fears and concerns just seemed to disappear. Vickie is a wonderful person with a very special gift, she taught me to trust my instincts and having a familar face turn up on our big day made all the difference to me and my partner. I cannot recommend Vickie highly enough. Serena

The knowledge, care, love, warmth and support, along with that fantastic sense of humour when most needed that my babies and I have experienced with Vickie over the years reinforces to me that the mothers to be or new mums who have Vickie as their Doula will be the happiest mums in Canberra. Vickie, you are truly inspirational in your quest to enrich others lives. Susan

I cannot recommend Vickie too highly, she is wise and wonderful and made the birth of our baby a glorious event. During my pregnancy she was always available, nothing was ever too much trouble and the emotional support she gave me and my partner was beyond price. During labour and birth Vickie was a tower of strength and her encouragement and practical suggestions were invaluable. Vickie has a fabulous sense of humour and puts EVERYONE at ease. Book her as soon as you can! Anna.

Engaging Vickie as our Doula is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The knowledge and support she provided before, during and after our baby's birth was outstanding. I recommend Vickie to anyone who wants the very best possible labour and birth for themselves and their baby. Melanie

Vickie is one in a million, at our very first meeting her warmth and wisdom filled us with confidence. She soothed and educated us, was always there for us and gave us calm constant support we could not have dreamed of. Our baby's birth was gentle and peaceful and exactly as we had hoped, Vickie always knew just what was needed and never left my side, except when she instinctively knew that we needed some time alone. I needed no medical pain relief, Vickie's famous doula bag always had something in it to make me comfortable. Vickie works in harmony with hospital staff and is great dealing with anxious grandparents. My advice to pregnant women in Canberra - call Vickie NOW. I can't imagine giving birth without her. Deb.
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A typical Doula package includes - 4 antenatal meetings, continuous labour and birth support, postnatal visit, complementary therapies, library access

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