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Frances Parkhowell
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Frances Parkhowell
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Perth Postnatal Village
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0421 489 895
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Postnatal Doula
Australian Doulas & Newborn Mothers
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It takes a village to raise a mother and a child.

I created Perth Postnatal Village to provide a year-long blanket of support for mums. I've heard too many stories about new mothers feeling isolated, unsupported and overwhelmed, it doesn't have to be that way!

As your postnatal doula, I am there for you, in your corner providing whatever you need. I bring another pair of hands to help in your home, a supportive ear to listen, arms to help you hold the space for your new family, and also a library of tips, tricks and articles if you need more information.
If you chose to join me in Perth Postnatal Village, you have my support and the support of my colleagues for a whole year. You will be welcomed into a supportive circle of women and new mammas on their journey through their first year of new motherhood.

If you would like to build your village, please be in touch via my email or on 0421 489 895
Frances is endlessly patient and gentle. Intelligent and hands on, with a deep appreciation for the domestic arts and a quiet humour, she is wonderfully suited to filling in the gaps of a busy family and nurturing the nurturer.
-Paula, professional woman and mother of two
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