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“It takes a village to raise a child,
but it also takes a village to birth a child…
let’s create one!”

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5 Essentials for Your
Ultimate Birth

Gain an understanding of how continuous care – before, during and after the birth – can help you feel empowered and reduce stress.
You will discover the five essentials that will make you feel stronger, more knowledgeable, and in control of the birth of your baby.
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Nurture & Trust

A Doula’s role is to be your confidante, friend, comforter, and carer. A Doula nurtures a woman’s own birth into motherhood.

Giving birth and entering motherhood, is an intensely personal experience. A woman can feel at her most vulnerable during pregnancy and birth.

A Doula understands and supports this time and space.


Empower & Support

A Doula is your voice of reason and support, acting as a guardian between birthing professionals and you.

Pregnancies and births can play out differently to what is imagined. A Doula knows this and will champion your pregnancy, birthing and early parenting choices.

A Doula’s knowledge and experience empowers parents to feel confident on the journey from conception to parenthood.


Care & Connect​

You will never forget your birth experience; it stays with you forever.

A Doula cares for you; your wellbeing, your birth plan, your journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Having a Doula by your side ensures the best experience possible.

A Doula enhances a mother’s wellbeing through every stage of pregnancy and early parenting. Your Doula will be by your side every step of the way.

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