What is a

A Doula is an experienced non-medical support person who cares for you (and often your partner and family) throughout your pregnancy, birthing, and post-natal needs.

What are the different types of Doulas?

For parents and parents-to-be, Doulas can be broadly categorised into prenatal, birthing and postnatal. Within each category there are many specialised Doula roles, so search the Doula Directory and review profiles for more information on specific areas of practice. We also acknowledge Doulas who support people through life’s journeys separate to pregnancy and parenting.

Why do I need a

A Doula understands the demands of pregnancy, birth, and a new baby. A Doula will provide you with tailored informational, physical and emotional support, and is an effective communicator within your birthing team.

Doulas are for everyone! From home births to elective caesareans and everything in between, a Doula respects your choice and will walk the path with you.

A Doula’s time is dedicated to you… you can decide when you need it. A prenatal and birthing Doula can be engaged at any time during pregnancy. A post-natal Doula can be engaged before or after delivery.

A Doula will support your birth, be it at home with your home birthing specialist, or at hospital with your medical team.

Although Australia does not currently have a governing body or accreditation process for Doulas, high quality training is offered through many Doula training academies. Search the Doula Directory and review profiles for more information on individual Doulas’ training and experience.

Doulas and midwives are complementary members of your birthing team. A trained Doula physically and practically supports all aspects of your wellbeing, and can contribute to the needs of your home and family. A midwife is a medically trained healthcare provider focusing on pregnancy, labour and birth.

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