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We do not take commissions from our Doulas, and parents search for free.

We are constantly advertising to promote our Doulas’ services. 

We are constantly working to educate parents about Doulas.

Our marketing focuses on connecting Doulas and parents.

We have no involvement in communications between Doulas and their clients.

FindA Doula is an independent and neutral service; we are not aligned with any commercial enterprise. 

Register with FindA Doula to be seen by thousands of parents and parents-to-be each month.


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When you register on the FindA Doula platform, you will be seen by thousands of parents and parents-to-be each month.


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You will be secure in the knowledge that the FindA Doula team is working to connect you with your ideal clients, and is an integral part of your support network.


Be Happy

Helping mums makes you happy. Connecting you with mums makes us happy. We are your reliable source of clients, so you can focus on caring for your village.

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