Where we began…

Carrying forward the age-old tradition of women supporting women, FindA Doula is the original and longest serving doula directory in Australia.  Born in 2006, FindA Doula has connected mums with doulas for nearly 20 years.

Where we are now…

Wholly Australian, FindA Doula is promoting the Australian doula workforce by facilitating connections between parents and doulas.

From the most seasoned doulas to those recently qualified and doulas-in-training, we promote everyone.  Independent doulas or those affiliated with other associations are welcomed; we remain inclusive.

Where we’re going…

Our sights are set on revolutionising the accessibility of birth support services in Australia.  We’re on our way…..join us.

FindA Doula connects families with the support they need. We promote better outcomes for birthing mothers.

Doulas work from the heart.
It is not a "job". It is a calling that is given life through the Doula profession.



We believe in the heart of a Doula: they work from a point of passion. They do not work for show or to be observed – it is a calling.



We believe in the informational, emotional and practical support a Doula offers, empowering parents and parents-to-be, their precious babies and growing families.



We believe in elevating the role and value of Doulas in the community, and facilitating the connection between Doulas and families.

We believe medical and non-medical support services go hand in hand.



We believe women want to feel in control, informed and respected throughout their pregnancy, birthing and early parenthood experience.



We believe all expectant and new mothers deserve help, guidance and care to step confidently into their motherhood roles – mothers will flourish when they feel secure and supported.



We believe Doulas are an integral and beautiful part of the journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Launched in 2007 by Lucy Bloom, FindA Doula quickly became the largest online directory for Doulas in Australia. “Re-birthed” in 2024, FindA Doula is a completely independent and family-owned website.

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